Cauliflower Pizza

When I make a pizza, I count it as my Lean & Green meal + 2 condiments.

-1 cup cauliflower (fresh or frozen)  2 green servings
-2 TB Great Value Pizza Sauce 2 condiments
-1/4 cup Great Value Liquid Eggs  1/8 leanest portion
-1 tsp Italian seasoning 1 condiments 
-1 cup Kraft Low Moisture Part Skin Mozzarella Cheese (I choose part skim instead of fat free due to lower carbs) 2/3 leaner portion
-1/2 cup mushrooms 1 green serving

Preheat oven to 400 F.

I used frozen cauliflower and cooked it per the directions on the bag. Once cooked, I put 1 heaping cup of cauliflower in my Magic Bullet and pulsed it a few times. Then I added 1 tsp of Italian seasonings and 1/4 cup of egg beaters to the Magic Bullet and pureed it.  Then I added 1/2 cup of cheese and mixed it in the Magic Bullet until it was creamy.

I had issues with it sticking to the pan, so I used a silicon baking sheet this time and it worked perfect! I baked it for 18 minutes at 400. I would advise watching it carefully because different ovens seem to cook this much different.

I flipped my over crust and topped with 2 TB pizza sauce, 1/2 cup cheese and 1/2 cup of mushrooms.


This counts as .8 lean servings, 3 green servings and 3 condiments.

Calories - 400, Fat - 25 grams, Carbs - 13, Protein - 36 grams

Uncooked Crust:

Cooked Pizza:
(I tried to flip it half way through and it didn't work out so well)

Revised Recipe Picture from 10/6:


B said…
That just looks delicious! Cant wait to try it!!!
JJ said…
I tried the cauliflower pizza situation last week (from the boards) and failed miserably. Time to get back on the horse, as I have some already deflowered from last night's mac and cheese extravaganza. Yours looks fab. Thanks for the pictures!
Anonymous said…
Followed you here from the MF boards (I'm Perennia! Lurk but rarely post). :) Your recipes are amazing! I have a cauliflower pizza just about to come out of the oven right now, made to your recipe. So much easier than the one as-posted which I made this past weekend - not to mention, using cooked cauliflower (from frozen) seems to stink less - I normally detest cauliflower and don't want my house to reek of it!

I used 2% milk cheese which lowered the calorie and fat count down a lot, also I used 1/4c of tomato sauce w/herbs in it as my green (I like a lot of sauce, and the crust is BIG!) and then 3 T of onions as my 3 condiments. I cooked it on a pan-sprayed pizza stone; it stuck a tiny bit but got crispy edges and flipped just fine. Can't wait to dig in! Looks and smells heavenly. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Mine tasted good but had a soft texture. Any tips?
FlyinGal325 said…
Hi Cody Jo!

I'm a fellow Medifaster, & I've been on plan for just over a month. Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas! I have a few questions about your cauliflower pizza. First, you said you cooked it for 18 mins. at 400: Did you bake one side for 18 mins or is that the entire cooking time for the pizza? Second, you said that you flipped the crust, then put the toppings on: how long did you cook it after flipping & topping? At what point do you recommend flipping the crust? I notice in the caption for the first pic you said that flipping it halfway through didn't work so well.... Thanks for your input, & the sharing of your creativity!

FlyinGal325 ~;D
Cody Jo said…
Everyone seems to find a best way to do this. First I tried flipping the crust 1/2 way through the baking - that didn't work out well. So now I bake it all on one side and the top is nice and crispy. So I flip it so the better side is on the bottom. Not sure if that makes sense - but it made it much more eatable :)
My TSFL journey said…
I made the pizza last night. It hit the spot. the last time we had pizza was back in July or Aug.

I didn't have any parchment paper so I used a piece of foil on the cookie sheet and sprayed it with pam before I put down the crust. It helped but it stuck all around the edge. I'm buying parchment paper before I make the next one. WOW this almost made me feel like I was cheating.
FlyinGal325 said…
Thanks for your reply, Cody Jo!

It makes perfect sense now! Cooking it all the way through on one side, then flipping & topping sounds like the way to go. Thank you again!

FlyinGal325 ~:D
Anonymous said…
I just finished the pizza-I couldn't get over how good the crust turned out. My hubby, who despises cauliflower, said it was fantastic. The only deviation was that I roasted the cauliflower ( I had a head in the fridge). And I probably used more cheese than you did. I will be making this often.
Anonymous said…
Try adding grilled chicken breast and LF feta for a different take on it. I also add 1 packet of the Medifast crackers and it helps to make it more like pizza, another thing is using whipped egg whites with the cauliflower so yummy!
Anonymous said…
if you used fat free cheese, how would you count that? does it count as a lean, leaner, or leanest option?
Cody Jo said…
It would depend on the nutrition of the cheese & how many carbs. I would suggest to post the nutrition info on the cheese in the Registered Dietitians Support section on My Medfiast message boards.
Anonymous said…
Hi CodyJo, I am baking these pizza crusts as I write this. My Oster Kitchen Center went kaput so I had to use my hand held immersion blender. I steamed organic cauliflower first in a rice cooker/steamer. Then blended all ingredients together. I am baking three of them (one at time)on sheets of Reynolds Wrap NON-STICK foil (the dull side is the non-stick side). I did add a light spray of Pam just to be sure since sticking seems to be an issue for people. I am baking it for about 20minutes. I wasn't sure how thin to spread it before baking. I spread it to about 8 1/2 inches. The first one didn't stick at all! Just curious as to how firm it is when you take it out of the oven and if it firms up more. It seemed too soft at 18 minutes so I added two more. How thin do you spread it? I am just making crusts tonight and I am going to have pizza for dinner tomorrow. YAY! Thank you CodyJo.
Anonymous said…
Just had this, topped with mushrooms and olives! It was great! Thank you for the recipe!!
Kolaber said…
Thank you for your creative recipes. It opened my eyes to something more than just some flavor to a packet of MF meals. Although I enjoy most of the MF meals, it is nice to have other options. I tried the "Cauliflower Pizza" this evening and enjoyed it. I sprayed Pam on parchment paper that I placed on a stone. I baked it for 18 minutes (not know what it was supposed to look like), I took it out and flipped it. Topped it with the sauce, mushrooms. some small shrimp and the cheese (too much for me) and baked again until melted. The only problem I had was the crust turned out too soft. Should it have been crispy? Did I not cook it long enough?

Thanks for your imput.

Anonymous said…
This looks great. I can't wait to try it. It doesn't seem to be much of the lean portion though, any tips for lean toppings that are still on plan?
Anonymous said…
Sooooo yummy! On MF only one week but the hubby and will be having this weekly , I'm sure! I used raw cauliflower choped in blender , 1/3 cup parmasean cheese and mrs dash tomatoe and basil In the crust. Topped with Bocca crumbles , mushrooms, and cheese !
Anonymous said…
Question: I'm comparing this recipe to the Alfredo Chicken Spinach Pizza...the ingredients are very similar, although it counts as a lean and green meal w/out any meat? I mention this because the Alfredo chicken pizza allows 3oz of chicken, and has pretty close to the same stats:
1 lean, 3 green, 2.5 condiments. I'm only on week 4 of this program so still learning... Please advise, as 3 oz of chicken is a wonderful thing to include if possible on the Cauliflower pizza. thx! AmyA
Anonymous said…
I made this tonight! Soooooo good! My crust took a little longer than 18mins to cook but it turned out great!
Awaiting Skinny said…
I made this tonight! Although it wasn't exactly like pizzeria pie, it hit the spot. I linked to your recipe from my blog and Youtube page as well!
Unknown said…
I am brand brand new, day 3 on medifast. Does it work to use a silpat on the baking sheet for this? I just bought the silpat and haven't used it yet. Thanks!!

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