Friday, October 15, 2010

How to get Medifast food for less $$ & FREE JEWELRY!!!

UPDATED 4/4/2012 

New Client Promo! Start Medifast for less then $251 a month for your 1st 2 months AND get a free piece of Cookie Lee Jewelry for setting and meeting a 90 day goal!

Email me at for info on how I can become your FREE Health Coach!

I have a kit of meals that include 6 boxes of Hot Cocoa,  6 boxes of Chai Latte,  6 boxes of Cappuccino & 4 boxes any Medifast food you like and  6 coffee mugs  for only $245.10!
***That is only $11.14 a box or $1.59 a meal


You can choose 20 boxes of any food you like for $250.80!
 ***That is only $12.54 a box or $1.79 a meal

Free Shipping!
Free Blender Bottle!

Free Cookie Lee Jewelry?
For all new clients that sign up for 3 consecutive months in the BeSlim Club, I will give you a free piece of Cookie Lee jewelry if you meet your weight loss goal.  As your health coach, I will work with you to set and meet a reachable goal.  If you have met your goal at 90 days, I will reward you with a free piece of Cookie Lee jewelry!


Sandy said...

Thanks! I wish I would've known before placing my order. I just did one a week ago. I used to use but for some reason medifast isn't on there anymore. I will be placing another order by the end of this month and I clicked the link you gave so you could be my referral. Thanks again!

jessejane said...

Wow... that is quiet a savings.
I really struggled with my first order... even went as far as selling my gold to get the money!!
So my question is... I can assume you are not under a health coach? I think mine would get quiet, lets just say, I would get a phone call!! haha
I do plan on becoming a HC, once I can afford to sign up... so I get the earning money from others thing. But I love that you can save that much on orders!
Thanks girl... keep up the good work... lookin good! ;-)

Cody Jo said...

Hi jessejane - I hear ya about it being hard to come up with the money for Medifast. I had to wait until my husband started his new job to be able to afford it. But I really do believe that the cost is worth it and it will save money in the long run, since I will be preventing so many risks to my health.

I don't use a Health Coach at this time. I had considered it, but found this way to order which is less. I want to became a Health Coach too, when I get to my goal weight but for now I am getting all the support I need from the boards.

Keep up the good work too - We can do this!

golferlady said...

Today is my first day on MF, and your blogs are so encouraging! Now I know I can do this. You are so sweet to go through all it takes to share your info with us. I so much appreciate you and your efforts. Wishing you the best with your weight loss journey.

Bliss said...

this may sound strange..but does having a health coach cut down the cost of Medifast products?

Cody Jo said...

I know that coaches will give progressive discounts, but I haven't been able to get a health coach to tell me exactly how all that works and break down the costs for me. I really don't think it would be cheaper to go through a Health Coach, but with a Health Coach you are partly paying for their extra level of support.

ParadiseFalls said...

Hey CodyJo, do you happen to know if I'll be able to use the $50 coupon if I cancel my VIP membership? As it is, I can't use it, but I'm not sure if canceling it will work anyway since I've been VIP before.

Either way, thanks for the post :) See you around here and 3FC!

Cody Jo said...

You do have to cancel the VIP membership to use the coupon. But after the first 2 weeks free, VIP is one of the most expensive ways to order. It is much better to use coupons and cashback.

Noelle said...

Is it a good idea to START with VIP then cancel it after you get your 2 free weeks?? cause it seems like it would be?????

There is a woman at my church who is a coach and is wanting to sign me up, so I think Ill go through her, but they also have something "like" the VIP plan so I was going to do that to get the free weeks and free shipping, then cancel after that, and use coupons... is that a good idea or not?

Monica Pileggi said...

I just used your least I think I did it correctly. Thanks for your great web site!! Monica (mjpileggi on MF).

Anonymous said...

Hi! I used your link for e-bates. Thanks! I know this original post is fairly old, so, I have a question about the e-bates deal. I see that it offers 5% of, but I was already using the VIP program and getting 5% discount. Now Medifast offers free shipping- I think on all VIP (now called 'Advantage Program') orders. What I don't see is a $50 coupon on e-bates, which would make the difference between the VIP/ Advantage program and e-bates. Being new to e-bates, did I miss something, or has the $50 coupon gone away? Thanks, I like your blog!

SED said...

Is this promo still available?

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I too would like to know if this promotion is still available. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to know.

Anonymous said...

This posting is a few years old--are you still looking for Medifast clients? If so I would be interested in signing up with you instead and wanted to find out what your fees were currently. I will email you at your address above as well. Thanks!

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