Friday, October 1, 2010

Chocolate Vanilla Frapp

1 packet Swiss Chocolate shake
1-2 tsp instant coffee
1 TB sugar free carb free Vanilla Syrup (like DaVinci)
1.25 cups cold water
8-10 ice cubes
*Blend until smooth

This counts for 1 Medfiast meal and 1 condiment. 


Anonymous said...

One of the best recipes I've tried yet!! Tastes just like a mocha frappucino from Starbucks. Exactly what I needed! Thank you so much for being creative.

angelgurl798 said...

Where do I get Swiss Chocolate shake is this a MF meal?

Cody Jo said...

Yes, this is a Medifast meal.

akren5 said...

I wonder if I could use a Dutch Chocolate Shake instead of the Swiss Chocolate, and coffee instead of the water? Has anyone tried it this way?

Beverly Wahl said...

Wow......reminds me of my frappucinos that I used to drink but way more healthier!