Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Spicy Tuna Slaw

Spicy Tuna Slaw, but this will never photograph well :)

2 cups of raw cabbage (cooks to 1.5 cups) (3 green)
1 can of light tuna, 7 oz.  (I used Chicken of the Sea Light Tuna, canned in water) (1 leanest)
2 tsp light soy sauce (1 condiment)
2 TB of hot pepper sauce (I used Sriracha) (1 condiment)
1 packet of Splenda (1 condiment)
2 wedges of Laughing Cow Light (1 healthy fat)

In a 10" frying pan, add raw cabbage, hot sauce and soy sauce.  Cook until cabbage is starting to get soft, about 5 minutes.  Add drained tuna and Splenda.  Cook for another 5 minutes.  Add Laughing Cow wedges.  Continue cooking for another 3-5 minutes.  Stir all together in a bowl.

This entire meal counts for 3 green, 1 leanest, 3 conidments and 1 healthy fat.  
*1 additional healthy fat should be consumed since tuna is the leanest.  I really like adding Golden Ground Flax Seed to my pancakes for an additional healthy fat!

300 calories, 15 g carbs, 5 g fat, 47 g protein


Sandy's Kitchen said...

I loved how this turned out! I took your suggestion and made it was an egg and tuna. Sooo good! I love how it has that sweet and spicy flavor! Thanks for a great recipe!

My TSFL journey said...

I made this tonight and it was delicious. We will have it again and again. I think I might try adding egg on the next batch. My hubby was hoping i wouldn't like it so he could have my portion.

Veros Cuerdo said...

I made this tonight. FANTASTIC! What a great flavor combination! I can't wait to try this with shrimp. Thank you!

Nichol Nakash said...

Is this 1 serving for 1 person ?