Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 2 Weigh In, Road Trip & Babies Galore!!

I decided to drive from Denver to Salt Lake City to visit my mom and see all my nieces & nephews. It took me about 9 hours and I stayed totally on my 5/1 plan for the road trip. This is a victory for me because I get the munchies on road trips! I started my day with a Cookies & Cream protein shake, had 1/2 a protein bar and 2 bags of protein chips during the drive. I did also eat 2 cheese sticks during the trip.

On my week 2 weigh in day, I was down to 237.6! Granted I used my mom's scale, but she says it matches her doctor's scale, so hopefully it isn't too far off from mine. Assuming it is correct, that brings me to 6.4 lbs lost in 2 weeks. Not too shabby if I do saw so myself! Also, NSV - my size 20s are falling off of me and it is time to move into the 18s! Most XL shirts fit me, some are a little snug in the arms.

My mom started the 5/1 plan today using the alternate products and she did great! Funny thing - she did almost add a scoop of baby formula to her coffee instead of Whey powder, but she figured it out just in time. It was pretty funny! I wonder how many carbs are in baby formula....just kidding!

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