Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 1 Weigh In, New Products, New Recipe & Valentine!

Week 1 Weigh In, New Products, New Recipe & Valentine!

Yesterday (Sunday) I had my first week weigh in being on my new plan.  I am a bit disappointed that I didn't have a loss.  I am at 0 lost, 0 gained.  There are a few reasons this may be:
1. Maybe my plan just won't work, but I really don't think so. I am still following the 5/1 just using different products.
2. My carb intake has gone down on many days from what it was.  I am not sure if this will negatively impact weight loss, but that has changed.
3. My calorie intake has gone up as much as 200 calories per day.  I am still under 1200 every day and given the amount of exercise I am doing, I plan to keep this.
4. That special time of the month.  Yeah, it is here and this has been a huge culprit for me and others for a 0 or low weight loss week.
5. I am gaining muscles! I have been able to increase the weight on all my strength training exercises by 10-15 lbs.  So that is proof right there that I am gaining muscle!  This is a huge victory for me & is enough to not really mind the 0 pound week.

I have to say that if I was still on Medifast and had a 0 pound week, I would be crushed.  I felt a lot of pressure on Medifast to lose weight as fast as possible due to the expense. This is why I didn't do strength training earlier.  I didn't want to do anything that would make me stay on Medifast longer.  Now that I have greatly reduced the amount I am spending on meal replacements products, I am much more at ease to focus on NSV (non-scale victories) like being able to increase the weight I am lifting.  Without the added financial pressure, I am realizing that this is about my overall health, not just losing weight.  When I get to goal, I want to have a strong, fit body.  That is really most important.

New Products Updates
I found the Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame at my local grocery store.  I have to say that the jury is still out on them.  I do not like the Lightly Salted flavor, but it might be good if I put a few in a salad.  The Wasabi ones are okay, the flavor is pretty good.  I will be eating those for lunch today as a meal, so we will see.

New Recipe
My new favorite thing to eat is Chocolate Peanut Butter Yogurt  I think I am addicted to PB2!

Happy Valentines Day!
Thank you to everyone for your support.  I really appreciate my readers :)


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Hey no gain is good, especially with all those changes. Your body needs to adjust and you are really doing great, I think. Best of luck with all of that and finding what works for you.

Happy Valentine's Day!!


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