Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Road Trip, Going Off Plan & Pictures!

My trip to Salt Lake City was amazing! I got to spend the weekend with my awesome family, many of who hadn't seen me since I started losing weight or very early in my journey. I got so many compliments, my self esteem is sky high now! I am starting to believe that I am getting smaller!

I stayed on plan the entire time when I was there BUT on Tuesday when I was driving back it didn't work out too well. I ended up eating extra meals, drinking a low carb monster and almost started smoking again! I quit smoking over a year ago, so I am glad I just messed up my food for the day and left the cigarettes alone! Easier to get back on plan then it is to quit smoking again.

So yesterday I ate, 1 shake, 4 servings of protein chips (my replacement for puffs), ate 2 servings of bars, 1.5 oz bag of wasabi almonds, 2 low fat mozzarella cheese sticks and 2 eggs with orange bell peppers & onions. All in all I think I ate about 1400 calories, 60 grams of fat and 110 carbs, and 125 grams protein. Ugh! I felt so sick yesterday and feel blah today too. Trying to drink lots of water and I am back on plan today.

Why did I go off plan? I didn't get nearly enough sleep before I headed back from Salt Lake to Denver. I tried the Monster Energy drink to stay more alert and it made me feel high! I would advise staying far, far, far away from those. I never realized how compromised my will power is when I let myself get too tired. Good sleep is crucial to a good diet. Lesson learned.

The good news is that I did lose 6.4 lbs for week 2! My mom's scale matches my scale! That brings me to 72.4 lbs lost since 9/20/10!

And now for pictures of all my nieces & nephews:

Me & Destiny (6 mons)

Rylan (2 yrs)

Arion (5 mons)
Maria (8 yrs)

Aliah (5 yrs)
Aren't they all just too cute!?!


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