Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Officially 1 Week Back on Medifast...RESULTS!!

....Drum Roll Please....

Wrong (very wrong) kind of drum roll....

Okay we don't need any entire drum corps...

Maybe a little too hard rock....

12.2 POUNDS LOST!!!!!!!!
Results will vary. Typical results on the Medifast® 5 and 1 Plan® are
up to 2-5 lbs per week.

I lost 75 lbs in 6 months last year but I let my eating habits slip back to the same habits that led me to be overweight and I gained 65 lbs back. 

I started Medifast again 1 week ago today and I have lost 12.2 lbs!!!

Any eating plan or weight loss surgery will fail if we don't change our life long habits! Over the past year I learned that Medifast is the best way for me to lose body fat (over 95% of 75 lbs I lost was pure body fat - NOT muscle loss) but I must make a lifelong commitment to health. I am becoming a Take Shape for Life Health Coach! Weight loss and getting healthy really is a marathon, not a sprint. 

There are so many diets on the market, one is wise to be skeptical. Price is always a concern too. With Medifast you eat 5 Medifast items (brownies are my fav) and 1 Lean and Green meal a day. I can help you get started for only $251 a month for your first 2 months! Depending on what you decide to eat for your Lean and Green meal (I am loving grilled chicken breast with a Honey Dijon salad), you could be under $10-$15 a day for all your food! If you are thinking that is too expensive (like I used to) think about how much you spend last time your went to for fast food? For me it was $6.69 at Sonic for just 1 meal that left me with no energy & hungry shortly after. 

I challenge you to take a step of faith in a 25 year long proven weight loss program. Join my team for 90 days and we will get you to the next level of health! I can't promise what results you will see, but my first time around I lost 48 lbs in 90 days, 60 lbs in 120 days and 75 lbs in 180 days. This time around is looking like it will be the same. 

What do you have to lose....besides weight? :)


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Booya!! Awesome loss - congrats to you!! Way to go becoming a coach. I love being a TSFL health coach! Nothing beats helping others make those lifelong changes. I'm sure you will inspire MANY people!! Way to go girl!!


Molly said...

Very excited for you. Being a health coach has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Not to mention, health coaches are 5 times more likely to not only TAKE the weight off ... but KEEP it off. How cool is that? Anyway, congrats on your great start back on program & best of luck to you!

a little love affair said...

How did you loose so much the first week? I'm assuming you are 100% on plan and drinking all if not more of your water? Anything else?? That's AWESOME!!!!!

Cody Jo said...

Thanks! I am 100% on plan but I drink a lot of water, coffee & tea! I think the key really is to keep Lean & Greens simple in the beginning and follow the plan 100%.

Anonymous said...

Congrats ! I am new to MF ... 1 week today! (lost 6 lbs) and huuby lost 10... Love your blog and recipes!! We are loving the cauliflower pizza thanks so much , keep up the good work

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