Monday, April 4, 2011

Results of Week 1 of Eating Healthy Carbs

Yesterday was my first weigh in after a week of switching from a low carb diet to eating healthy carbs.  I met my goal weight loss for week of 2 lbs!  I was pretty nervous about how my body would react to the change in diet and adding in so much exercise, but I feel great!  I have so much more energy that has allowed me to be a lot more active.

The past week wasn't perfect, but here is the highlight reel:

The Good: I burned 3465 calories last week by exercise alone! That is an average of 495 calories calories a day burned.

On Sunday I went to my Grandpa & Uncle's birthday party and I had the best piece of chocolate cake with cherries and frosting. It was the first time since September that I have had a sweet indulgence.  The reason this is under the good section, besides the fact that it was fabulous cake? I ate a very small piece and didn't go back for seconds on cake.  Victory for me!

The Bad: Even though I had a good loss, I need to work on getting my net calories and fat a bit lower.
My average daily net intake is:
Calories - 2,235
Carbs - 222
Fat - 86
Protein - 146
Fiber - 40

The Ugly: Tamales, Chimichangas, Burritos, oh my!  I need to avoid Mexican restaurants still at this point because I can't walk out of one without eating at least 1,000 calories! I proved that 2 times over the week!

Resolution for the Next Week: No eating out! Workout for at least 45 minutes 5 times this week.

I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and I hope that she will do another body composition test and maybe an indirect calorimetry (figures out your BMR) test.  I got these done when I was 295 and would love to compare the results.

Stay tuned!


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