Gadgets I Use

Ever since I started the 5 and 1 diet plan, I find I am using totally different appliances.  My Kitchenaid Stand Mixer and Bread Maker used to be the most used appliances in my kitchen, but now things have changed.

These are my top picks for kitchen gadgets:

1. Muffin Pan - I am often asked about my muffin pan I used in my Egg Muffin recipe.  Sadly, it is sold out everywhere, but this is a great alternative.

2. Magic Bullet - I use my Magic Bullet every single day. I mix all my shakes, puddings and soft serve using it. It is a must have for preparing food on this diet.

3. Sandwich Maker - check out the tab on top for all the great recipes that you need a sandwich maker for. My favorite? Grilled Cheese Tomato Sandwich

4. Milk Frother - this is perfect for when you are at work at need to mix a hot cocoa or shake. I keep one at my desk and it makes perfect hot cocoa with no lumps at all.

5. George Foreman Grill - this little grill is perfect for making your Lean meal. I use mine several times a week. You can even cook frozen chicken breasts in about 12 minutes using the grill. Huge time saver!

6. Mini Food Processor - This little Cuisinart is perfect for pureeing Cauliflower for Pizza CrustFauxtatoes and Spicy Cauliflower Cheese Bake. You can use the Magic Bullet, but I have found that using a food processor does work out better.

7. Heart Doughnut Pan - This is the cake pan I use for my cute little heart shaped doughnuts!