Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New toys, frustrated about plateau, quitting diet soda & new recipe for Low Carb Honey Dijon Dressing!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Things have been a bit hectic around the office and home these past weeks. We moved into a new office and lots of techy IT stuff going on. I did get an XBOX 360 & Kinect this weekend. For the Kinect I have Adventures & Sports. I downloaded the demo for Biggest Loser & the Dance game. I enjoy the 360 & Kinect so much more then my Wii. I don't think I will buy the Biggest Loser game, I will opt for EA Sports 2. The EA Sports 2 game is only $39.99 at Target and comes with a heart rate monitor & resistance bands. The Dance game is super fun too, but I officially have no rhythm at all!

I want to give an update on my status with weight loss. I think I have hit a plateau because I haven't lost much at all this month and it isn't coming off in inches either. I am stuck at 237-238 lbs! I have lost 72-73 lbs and I think my body doesn't want me to hit 75 lbs lost because it knows another progress photo shot will be coming. Joking of course....

I have been asking around, reading different plateau theories and decided to go super low carb for 2 weeks to try to break the plateau. I am following the old school Stillman's Quick Weight Loss diet. Stillman's QWL diet is pretty much the original low carb diet dating back to the 60's. I eat lean meat, low fat cheese and eggs. It is low calorie, low carb and low fat. Of course it isn't healthy to not eat veggies, but I am only doing it from 3/6-3/19. I did buy some ketostix and I register in mild ketosis. More to come as my 2 weeks progress.

I am also quitting diet soda. I strongly suspect that my consumption on diet soda is playing a part in my plateau. I have read theories about how aspartame can cause some people to stall. Today is my first day of no diet soda and I have a headache. I have still been drinking coffee & lots of water, so it must be something in the soda.

A new message board friend gave me this awesome recipe for Low Carb Honey Dijon Dressing. Thanks CC!


tattered 'n torn prims said...

Best of luck as you begin your 2 week trial!! :O)


Jill said...

I too think there is something to diet soda keeping the weight on. You can do it!

Aerielle said...

Best of luck to you! I've been very curious to how you've been doing since you started this plan, since I've pondered it myself. Please do keep posting about your progress!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Cody Jo. Your progress is awesome and inspiring. I've lost 16 lbs with Medifast, but needed a break from powdered meals. I found the totally awesome app called Lose it (iPhone, iPad). I'm tracking my calories, doing a six mini meal plan and going with about 1200 calories. My weight is coming off a bit fast now.

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