Monday, January 20, 2014

How to get back on the wagon? Book a resort vacation in Vegas!

Why oh why is this so hard for me this time around? I can make it a few days, maybe a week, then for some reason my resolve slips and I end up tail spinning into diet nightmares.  I won't give up! I will keep trying!  I do feel lame coming back...yet again...on day 1.  But I refuse to quit.  So lame as I may be, I am back on day 1 again of Medifast.

Shane (my wonderful husband) and I had a heart to heart talk this weekend.  We are both at our heaviest points and last time we did Medifast together, we knew were were at an emergency point.  Well this time is strange....we are actually more active now but at our heaviest.  Running after 3 small kids all the time forces us to be active, but by night we are beat.  Back hurts, knees hurt...generally just wiped out!  At our size it is an emergency to lose this weight! We need to be healthy for ourselves but also for my sweet nephews that we are caring for.  We have big plans for this summer! We are going to put in a new patio and finally, after 2 years, have a new sod installed so we can have a nice grassy retreat in our backyard. We want to enjoy BBQs (on plan!) with friends and play with the nephews in the grass! We want to relax on the patio at night, sipping iced tea.  But when my butt is so big it is hard to fit in a chair, this is just a dream.

This leads me to wonder....why am I letting my weight stand in front of the life I want?  So what did Shane and I do to motivate us?  We booked a vacation in Las Vegas at a resort this September!  From today until September first, that is 32 weeks exactly!!  I won't be where I want to be in 32 weeks, but I can be a heck of a lot closer!

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Oh and let's not forget....GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I had the same problem,so many restarts,but I switched to wonderslim for a change up in food thought that might help and yoo hoo have made it 2 weeks, starting my 3rd and totally no slip ups, I think trying the new foods and the excitement of having new foods to eat like it was when I did medifast 4 years ago, and omg the food is so delish, and no gas, im so full all the time, you eat 7 of their meals, so far down 9 pounds in 2 weeks and whew what a difference on pocket book, hubby jumped on board yesterday with me, he hated mf foods and is loving wonderslim, maybe you need that excitement of new foods new program,you can order a week and try it,just to see...I am so focused just like I was 4 years ago when I did mf...

Anonymous said...

My husband and I also jumped back on the wagon 2 weeks ago. I also found Wonderslim products and truly love the taste of some of them. We are using a combination of both products to stay on plan. Down 11 pounds so far.

Mary29b said...

Hi Cody Jo - I have lost weight a couple of times and then had it come back and I've never figured out what is/was the trigger that helps me stick to the plan. Last time I was on medifast I lost 90 lbs. Now I am starting my 3rd week back on medifast and I'm down 15.8 lbs already! I think having a prize to shoot for is a wonderful idea. I am trying to lose weight by the time we have a vacation in August. I am cheering you on because I know you can do it, as can I! - Mary

Anonymous said...

I'm back on Medifast after a five year hiatus. I never reached my goal and now I have more than ever to lose. Argh! But, now it's all systems go...I'm in physical pain and have to get 100# off my small frame. Love reading the blog and everybody's comments. Thanks!

I wish there was a "like" feature. :) I, too, use some of the Wonderslim products. I actually like the cheddar crunchers. It makes a HUGE difference and satisfies that crunch that I need. I usually have those once a day with a diet soda. Very satisfying.


Anonymous said...

My coach says we want progress not perfection. Well I didn't help progress today with a whole pickle instead of two spears and 1.5 oz of almonds instead of .5. But at least I didn't go for the "at work" tail gate pre-Super Bowl party.

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