Thursday, January 30, 2014

10 Day Smoothie Challenge!

So very long story short......I can't do this yo-yo of weight loss anymore and for whatever reason, I can't get my head into the Medifast mindset to stay on it.  So, I am back off Medifast and am going to be focusing on eating more whole, organic foods.  My husband and I want to have a baby, so we are looking into a great "Fertility Diet" that mainly focuses on eating organic foods, limiting dairy, limiting soy and eating whole foods.

I am doing a 10 Day Smoothie Challenge, as a way to ease myself in.

My smoothie for the day is a Peach Smoothie.  Here is the recipe.  It tastes great!!

Also, I discovered a great drink by Evolution Fresh called Essential Greens with Lime Juice.  Normally they are about $5 a bottle, but I got them on special at my grocery store for only $2.29!  It is a cold pressed juice, not from concentrate.  Seems like a great way to help get in more veggies.  That is until I buy a juicer!

Please also note that I have added a "Healthy Living Recipes" section to my blog.  These are where I am going to share healthy recipes that are NOT approved for Medifast weight loss phase.  I will also put a note at the top of each recipe saying it is not a Medifast recipe, to hopefully avoid confusion from Medifast dieters.


tattered 'n torn prims said...

CodyJo.....I respect you so for sharing your strugle!! I too have been yo-yo-ing....and just can't wrap my head around Medifast this time!! I keep playing these headgames....and while Medifast is outstanding for losing weight quickly....I strugled with getting back onto "real food"!! Having turned to brownies and bars each time I was hungry engrained into my brain....and brownies and bars don't work like that in the real world!! LOL!! So....God bless you for sharing...and may He bless your journey into parenthood as well!! :O)

connie said...

hey cody I was struggling and couldn't go back on back and forth, struggled with the food because I couldn't force it down anymore, im on wonderlim 3 1/2 weeks and 14 down, love the food nothing like medifast, I look forward to the food its delish and cheaper, hey that juice is great except the green one is really really grassy tasting,the other ones are great though....good luck....try a week of wonderslim, you get more caloies, starch fruit and the food is amazing and no farts...go to felicianurse, laurie and she has a coupon code for 20 bucks off.. worth a try, I have struggled for a year to get back on medifast and just couldn't do it past a day..its a great program 1st time around but then going back rough...

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