Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kay's Naturals Diet Food Arrived!

This is what a 3 month supply of Kay's Naturals food looks like:

Normally this would have cost $660, but I paid only $209.79 including shipping thanks to an awesome Cyber Monday Deal!

My Diet Plan

I have found that I tend to do really well with weight loss when I eat 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat.  While on Medifast, I was eating 800-1000 calories a day, but could never work out without feeling weak.  

Here are my nutrition goals:
1200 calories
120 g carbs
90 g protein
40 g fat

Without working out, that will give me approximately 1290 daily calorie deficit. 
Projected Weight Loss 2.6 lbs/week

In order to achieve this, I am eating Kay's Naturals products, Slimfast shakes, Medifast diet food and Progresso Light Soups. I got a terrific deal on some Slimfast shakes a while back, so I am very stocked up on them.  I love starting my day with a shake - I have tried other things and always go back to the shake.  Once my Slimfast shakes are gone, I will buy a lower carb protein powder - probably the Muscle Milk one from Costco.

I am eating 5 small meals a day, aiming for about 160 calories a meal. Some are a bit lower, some are a bit higher but as long as it averages to 160 calories I am happy.  That leaves 400-500 calories for dinner. I am not going to be as restrictive as Medifast Lean & Green guidelines.  I will try to eat a lean protein and lots of veggies!


Anonymous said...

how r u doing on the Kay's products? I have been doing medifast for 2 months, but i am looking cheaper alternatives because i can no longer afford to continue with medifast.

Thank you

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