Monday, November 28, 2011

CYBER MONDAY: Kay's Natural Food (Substitute for Medifast on the 5 & 1 plan) - Only $69.93 per month!!

As many of you know, I have started using Kay's Naturals products in place of Medifast products for the 5 & 1 diet plan.  Kay's Naturals products are very close in calories, carbs & fat to Medifast and taste great!

Kay's Naturals is offering a fantastic deal for Cyber Monday.  The 3 day meal plan for 55% off. Normally it is $22 but just for Cyber Monday it is marked down to $9.99.  There are 2 coupon codes for an additional 30% off: tweet30 or GIG2011 (you can only use 1 code). Free shipping on orders over $30.  I ordered a quantity of 30 3 Day meal plans and my total came to $209.79. That is enough for 3 months of food!
Additional 30% off coupon codes: tweet30 or GIG2011 (you can only use 1 code).

With the 3-Day Meal Plan you will receive one, single-serve bag of the following items:

Apple Cinnamon cereal
French Vanilla
Honey Almond

Almond Delight
Veggie Pizza
Tomato Basil

Jalapeno Honey Mustard pretzel
Cinnamon Toast

Protein Chips
Chili Nacho protein chips
Crispy Parmesan
Lemon Herb

Cookie Bites
Cinnamon Cookie Bites
Honey Almond Cookie Bites

BBQ Snack Mix


Anonymous said...

How are the chips? We are going to "somewhat" transition off of Medifast, because we need a cheaper solution.

Blogger said...

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