Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Medifast Chocolate Chip Soft Bake Cookie Review by Lori

Meet my friend Lori, she is awesome!  

I asked her to write a guest review of the Medifast Chocolate Chip Soft Bake Cookie!

I got my first box of Medifast chocolate chip cookies today! I was very happy to see that they also enclosed a free cookie sample! WIN!

The box is typical for a Medifast product, all the instructions on the side and nutritional information on the back. And my favorite, the big fat logo "Made in the USA"! I love buying American made products!

I mixed the cookie with water according to the directions.... 2 TBSP. But, I didn't feel that was going to be enough, as half of the mix was still dry. I added another tablespoon. This mix is suppose to stay sticky and thick. The box says to microwave for 1 minute and 15 seconds, I followed that exactly. Then let the cookie sit for a couple of minutes to cool. My first thought was "wow, this smells really good!" I "pooped" the cookie out of the container and noticed it was a little too crispy. Maybe 1 minute would be long enough in my microwave. The texture was pretty good! The cookie could have been a little sweeter, maybe a packet of Splenda would liven it up a bit! I didn't taste or even really notice that it had chocolate chips. :( I could learn to love these in time.  

Overall I would give it an 8 out 10.


Anonymous said...

now I don't feel so bad for not ordering the cookie. I'll try a single one with Stevia for sweetening. Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

thus far i dont like the cookies, i have tried making them in the oven and in the microwave, i wont be ordering them again

Molly said...

I think it really depends on your microwave & your prep. Start off with a few seconds fewer & add as needed by your microwave. I have loved the cookies from the first one I baked. And it's really great to just eat as cookie dough - almost better than cooking it! :) All of my clients & friends like them too. Just in case anyone reading this gets the impression that the majority doesn't care for them. 90+% of the the people I have talked to love them!

Anonymous said...

I generally agreed with the second poster at first. I didn't care for them. However, I added 2 tsp almond butter (can use peanut butter too), one extra teaspoon water, and microwaved the cookie for an extra 5 seconds. I started eating it and it was good but as it cooled it was great!!!!