Thursday, May 5, 2011

Enter to win a $50 drawing from just for my blog readers! is sponsoring a $50 drawing for the readers of my blog! No purchases necessary to enter, details are below.

As you all know, my husband and I have been trying to save money & pay off debt so we can buy a house. I have been looking into ways to save money on my diet products, I recently starting couponing & I love finding deals online.  I am a long time fan of Ebates because they give you cashback for online shopping.  Also, you can get coupon codes for bigger discounts, free shipping, etc. for a lot of retailers from

These are the deals on Ebates I have used recently.  They have so many partnerships, I search Ebates before I buy anything online.  It is a no brainer - why turn away free money?

My Recent Deals:
1. 20% cashback for orders from - Great for last minute Mother's day flowers. 
2. 1-4% cashback on eBay purchases - I buy tons on eBay, so even a smaller cashback amount adds up!
3. 5% cashback on Nordstom purchases
4. 8% cashback on Snapfish picture orders
5. 6% cashback at Barns & Noble

MEDIFAST USERS: You can get 5% cashback on your Medifast purchases, plus they have coupon codes for $50 off $275 order or $25 off $150 order.  

How To Enter:
Email with your Ebates User ID and a winner will be selected on 5/30/2011.  

No purchase is necessary to win, you just need to be an Ebates member.  If you are not an Ebates member, you will need to sign up using my referral link:


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