Sunday, May 1, 2011

Couponing with Cody!

One of my new guilty pleasures is TLC's Extreme Couponing so I decided to give it a try.  I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and am not a hoarder, so my "extreme couponing" will be much less extreme. On my first attempt, my total came to $76.56 and after coupons and my store card, I only paid $28.39!  I bought the coupons on eBay for $5.24, so my total savings was $42.93.  What did I get for $28.39?

18 Tony's Frozen Pizzas
Retail Price: $1.69 each
After in store sale & coupons: $0.50 each

10 EAS Myoplex Nutrition Bars
Retail Price: $2.49 each
After in store sale and coupons: $0.99 each

10 Zone Perfect Bars:
Retail Price: $1.25 each
After in store sale and coupons: FREE

Plus I got some Carbmaster Yogurts & Milk on sale.

How to Find the Good Deals:

1. Go to and register for an account
2. Click on Grocery Deals by State
3. Scroll to your State and Pick your store. A new list will appear as a pop-up window. Grocery Store lists are updated on Wednesday.
4. Sort the list by highest percent saved and select the deals you want.

Acquiring Coupons:
If you save coupons, the first column of the list called "Cpn. Out" tells you what circular it came from. Since I don't have any coupons saved, I head over to eBay. One of the deals I saw recently was for Zone Perfect nutrition bars for free. I searched on eBay for "Zone Bar Coupon" and found someone selling 10 of them. I also looked at what other items they were selling and compared it to my list. I also found the same seller was selling 9 of the frozen pizza coupons. I contacted the seller to see if she would combine shipping & while she wouldn't, she sent me 10 $1 off any EAS Myoplex product. Score! also has lists for national stores and drugstores. I saw that Wal-Mart has Nivea Body Wash for $3 and saw that there is a coupon for $3 off, making the Body Wash free. So I headed over to eBay to buy coupons. These coupons were more expensive - I spent $15.94 for 20 coupons for body wash. Since I am getting the body wash for free, it is still a great deal at only $0.80 per body wash.

I am going to start getting a Sunday paper and saving my coupon inserts to cut down on the number of coupons I need to buy. Couponmom has a great video about how to save and organize your Sunday coupon inserts here.


Theresa (ringbearer) said...

this is a really cute post for me. I've seen this show (part of it) once and watched a woman fill her house with enough stuff to last ten years. I'm glad you're in control. ;)

We can't do this in Canada. Coupon rules are completely different. I wanted to say how great you look in your profile photo. Thanks for your site. I enjoy it and find the information so helpful.

Theresa said...

Oh, sorry!
I guess that post might confuse you. The helpful information comes from the alternatives to MF. Canadians can't have that either! :)

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