Monday, February 13, 2012

11 Ways to Regain Lost Weight....Fast!

Hey all! I am (trying) to get back on the 5 and 1 plan but WOW is it hard.  Recommitting and sticking with it is much harder than I thought it would be.  I am sorry that every other post I am starting over.  I feel like such a failure some days. I have tried all these other crazy diets and none of them work for me. 5 and 1 plan works for me though. I don't know what to do after it to keep the weight off, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it. Day one again, take 1 million :)

11 Ways to Regain Lost Weight....Fast!

1. Take a break before you get to your goal weight. Your body needs the rest from getting healthier.
2. You deserve to "eat normally". After all, it couldn't possibly be that "eating normally" is what landed you in this mess to begin with.
3. Jump on the compromise train.  Once you make the first compromise, it just gets easier and easier for the next ones.
4. If you do regain weight, don't tell anyone. Everyone will be disappointed in you. Your support system is only there for you when you are doing good.
5. Beat yourself up for regaining 20 lbs. It makes the next 40 lbs come back on much easier.
6. If you mess up, take a mulligan for the entire day. And since you are taking a mulligan for the entire day, make it really count. Get all your super indulgent foods and go crazy!  All or nothing!
7. Water is over-rated. Diet soda and coffee is all your body really needs.
8. Stop measuring your food. You have been measuring for months now, you can eye ball it. Sure, that looks like about 5 oz!
9. Only count calories when you are "doing good". No need to beat yourself up when you mess up by logging all the calories you ate.
10. Fill your brain with a lot of mental distractions. It makes the acceptance process a lot easier.  Focus on anything besides the elephant in the room.  No pun intended.
11. Wrap up your identity in weight loss.  You are your weight loss.  After all, that is what people notice you for. That is what people praise you for.  Losing weight is who you are.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post! Numbers 1-3 are starting to eat at me...I've been only a few pounds from goal for a while now, but this gives me some strength to buckle down and stop sliding down that slippery slope!

Good luck to you!!

Anonymous said...

Cody, It is such a hard road. I was on the 5 and 1 for 9 months. Lost a lot of weight and now have regained most of it back in just 3 months. I have decided to go to plan that is more healthy with slower weight loss. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cody! Enjoy reading your posts! When "they" call this the battle of the bulge, they are accurate. It is difficult. Frankly, i don't think anything works but to keep telling yourself that you need to be tough. The 5 and 1 worked for me also, but now i've started nutrisystem. that seems a little more reasonable and enjoyable even. Good luck!!

Colonel Squeaky said...

I feel like you reposted my own thoughts, Cody.

I've been following you since I was doing 5&1 about a year ago! It's been on and off ever since, and I've had the exact same struggles restarting a million times.

Let's be supportive, even in our failures! Are you keeping up with your Facebook group? Would love to join :)

Cody Jo said...

Hi Colonel Squeaky! I am keeping up on my Facebook group. You can add me as a friend here, and I will invite you.

Molly said...

It is a journey & even though we'd prefer it to all be "up" the down times are part of the experience. Good for you for finding a plan that works & being willing to admit that you need to get back on track. Give yourself a little grace & then jump in. As for keeping it off after, I highly recommend (if you don't have one already) finding a health coach to help you on your journey. Someone who has traveled the path before & can guide you thru the bumps & then thru transition & maintenance. It's really about learning new habits & incorporating them day by day. A great resource for you would be "Habits of Health" by Dr Wayne Scott Anderson, and the companion guide "Living a Longer, Healthier Life". They walk you thru why you are making the choices you are making & how to move beyond the 5&1 to a lifetime of healthy habits. Great, great resource. Changed my life when I took it to heart. Best of luck to you!!

Mella B. said...

Cody Jo, I could have written that post. That is me to a tee. In the last 10 or so months I've put on 55ish lbs. I've restarted MF more times than I can count. I'm on a day #1 today AGAIN...and thinking about hitting up the grocery store for cupcakes right now. WTF! Anyway reading that & remembering I'm not alone was comforting. Thanks for your honesty and good luck getting back on MF :)

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